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Tunnel bear secure your browser. It encrypts the internet connection and keep the online browsing private on any of the network. When you are using insecure public Wi-Fi, it become easy for the hackers to steal your data and passwords. Tunnel Bear locates your place so that it can be used in any region. Some of the popular apps and websites are banned by the governments. Tunnel bar unblocks these banned websites and apps by changing the virtual location. When you browse the internet connection, the internet providers and network owners can see everything that you do in online. But if you on the Tunnel Bear during browsing, no one can see the thing that you are browsing. The advertisement services locates your IP address and track your behavior and interests across all the sites. But TunnelBear stops them by giving a new IP address.

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You can browse the internet using TunnelBear from 22 countries. Tunnel Bear offer no fuss, no buffering and no throttling. It is the only app in the world which can be audited securely. It uses a strong encryption method, AES 256-bit encryption. You can download Tunnel Bear app in iPhone, android, Mac, Windows, Browser and Blocker. You can get free 500mb of data for a month for free. You can choose any plan if you need extra data.

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