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G DATA Antivirus provides high performance protection for your data. It works in the background when you are surfing, playing or shopping. You are safe whenever there is an attack by ransom blackmailers, online banking or security breach. They have next-generation technologies that is known by the behaviour of programmers when they are approaching for an attack. Therefore they are ahead of hackers. The protective shield in your PC has many functionalities. It is a virus scanner. They try to determine the strain of new malware. They work along with signature and categorize the files as malicious on your computer.

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They have CloseGap technology due to which the two scan engines work with each other to provide maximum security. They work together and scan for distributed malware and local threats. They complement each other and work where they are needed. All kinds of malwares are not known to the antivirus providers. They accompany proactive technologies to detect such malware. It has behaviour blocker that detects the malware from its behavior. It checks when you have double-clicked a file. It also checks for unwanted processes working in the background. It stops unnoticed downloads before they create a risk.

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