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Kaspersky is the fastest growing security vendors all over the world. Now, it’s positioned firmly as the world’s best leading end point security vendors. The Kaspersky continues to improve the market position, by demonstrating the high growth rates than market. Do you know that the last year, malware threats got increased to 34% with above 200,000 of new threats? You can protect your computer & safeguard your information just by finding right software for you at Kaspersky’s Help tool. You may as well protect all your activities on the smartphone or decrease the security risks in order to make sure you stay very safe. Ensure your kids are well protected on internet, and make sure you safeguard your data and money when you are online. And save money with discount code for Kaspersky UK .

ou may as well protect the business with Kaspersky Endpoint Security in Business that is the platform that delivers broad range of the tools or technologies to allow companies to see, protect and control all the endpoint devices. This combines tools and technologies in 4 tiers, and each of that adds own layer of the protection against the cyber threats, which includes Core tier, Select & Advanced tiers and Total level of security. At each level Kaspersky Security gives strong cloud-assisted protection for every component, as well as Kaspersky Security tools help the IT specialists for managing whole company’s defenses from single console. Simple to install & time efficient for managing the protection system management of Kaspersky allows companies to implement the flexible and scalable model of the antivirus protection management, which will operate on the network of size, no matter whether it is the small group of the machines or complex distributed network.