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Revive Light Therapy is an online store that sells products for anti-aging and acne treatment. It uses the latest technology by NASA research that uses the light therapy to treat its members. Light therapy can be used for treatments with FDA cleared devices. It has got refined technology that is used behind FDA cleared class II medical devices. They discovered that specific spectrum of light produce desired results within cellular structure of body. They are able to remove harmful spectrum of light and produce concentrated amount of effective spectrum of light to the body. It works from inside out and penetrate into deeper layers of skin to improve the cell repair mechanism. Light therapy is used in acne treatment and anti-aging treatment pain relief, injury recovery. LED light therapy devices are manufactured with medical grade specifications and are safe to use on skin.

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Anti-aging treatment provide a soothing effect on skin. They enter into deeper layers of skin and stimulates fibroblast that produces collagen and elastin due to which the fine lines get reduces and wrinkles get fixed. It produces firm plump texture of skin. It also shows its effect on the outer layers of skin and reduces sun and age spots and blemishes. Your skin will look younger than before. Acne treatment also works in the similar way. Blue light spectrum has ability to destroy bacteria living in the internal layers of skin. UV light destroys the bacteria and reduces the acne and causes damage to the skin. But if you use blue light spectrum, it causes the same effects on the skin without causing any harm to the skin structure. It enters to the deeper layers of skin and kills the bacteria that the tradition skin treatments methods cannot. Revive Light Therapy has privacy policy. They take name, address, contact number and email address from the customers. They do so to improve the customer experience while shopping. They do not disclose the information to the third party websites on any condition. They do not sell or rent the information to other companies at any cost. Even the credit card information is kept safe and secure.

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