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The Zip Filter is very efficient as it uses around 24W of power and has a recovery rate of 50%. This features make it the best among reverse osmosis filters. Zip is designed to look best in the kitchen. There’re not any leaky diverter valves and bulky hoses that will attach to the faucet. When replacement features are needed, Zip Filter will notify you via red blinking lights in 12 months. Get our puricomusa voucher code and get more information you need concerning our water filter.

The ZIP mode of operation is similar to that of a coffee maker. There are not any messy hoses or leaky diverter valves, which fail all time. Fill the bottom pitcher with the water from kitchen faucet. And after 15minutes, you may have 1/2 gallon pure alkaline water at top dispenser to use. Alkaline Post Filter also adds small amount of the Calcium & Magnesium that will give you taste compatible to expensive bottled water. Use our puricomusa promo code and get our Zip Filter at very amazing rates.

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