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Igylar.com offers air purifiers at low and affordable cost. It has three stage filtration system that is HEPA 13 filter, pre filter and activated carbon filter. It removes 99% of the mold spores, smoke, pollen and dust. It filters particles as small as 0.3 microns. It is 100% ozone free. It produces an anion with the help of a special brush but does not produce any harmful compounds. There is air quality sensor embedded. It switches the fan speed to remove the contaminants from the air. You can press and hold the ionizer button, so that the curious children do not affect the functioning of the purifier.

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The air purifier effectively removes bacteria, pollen, dust, smoke, formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Igylar specializes in making air purifier,humidifier, dehumidifier and ventilation. You can have access to clean, healthy  and comfortable air. When you are choosing an air filter, then you must be concerned of two main factors that is room size and air quality. Your room size may be large and more power units may be consumed for larger area. The quality of air also poses a major concern. If you have odors, allergies, dust, pet danger, smoke, mold or asthma, then you should be careful while choosing the air filter. HEPA filters removes the particles at its best and carbon filter removes the odor and other chemicals. You should act wise and choose the right filter for you. You should put the air filter in the bedroom where you spend most of your time. The white noise from the air purifier will also allow you to sleep in a better way. To get the best results, you should run the air filter 24 hours a day. You should run the unit with highest speed and once it has cleaned the air, don’t turn it off as the air will become polluted soon. Instead run it on minimum speed from 2 to 3. This will maintain the quality of air in the room. You can also open windows when the purifier is working for some time. But opening it for long time will reduce its effectiveness.

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