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Zoysia farms produces natural loans to our homes. It has many specialities compared to other loans. Zoysia is a very hard grass that grows in any conditions. It requires only less mowing and watering. It thrives any climate condition whether in cold or hot climate. It grows better in every climates.it chokes out the weeds. There is no need to use any chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides as it resists diseases and insects naturally. It also didn’t need replacement as it heals itself. It grows naturally all over the ground. It can be maintained in any soil such as clay soil, rock soil, and sandy soil and salty soil. It is very adaptive and grows well in all types of soil.

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It looks amazing in slopes and hills. It reduces soil erosion with its deep root system. It is very safe for pets and children too. It can tolerate urine and faeces of pets. For better growth of Amazoy Zoysia, avoid pet waste for at least 30 days till the establishment of new plugs. It is also safe for dogs and horses too. Zoysia contains minimal nutritional values. So by eating it by pets will not cause any harm. Amazoy Zoysia plugs are very ideal for homes and playgrounds. You can calculate the amount of plugs needed in your home by entering the width and length of your field. Then you can directly add it to the cart.

These plants are also invasive, the thing is that you can plant the plugs but can’t seed it. If we doesn’t take care of the plant, then it will create more problem. These grass prefer high nitrogen fertilizers and alkaline soil. The lawn is very tough with a deep emerald green colour. They are also known as Meyer zoysia grass. As we are planting plugs, more labours are needed and also it took long time to establish. Check out our social media sites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube and Flickr. You can also buy products like outdoor games, organic products, planting tools etc. from this site. These grass can attract hunting billbugs and these insects can cause damage to the lawn. They also need a de-thatch in every summer. Anyways by using these lawn outside your home looks very beautiful and attractive.

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