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Spacemail Pal is a unique concept by command pilot Aimee who wants to educate your children about space and other extra-terrestrial objects. The concept behind the opening of this learning pen pal is to revolutionize the modern learning from the screens. This is one way of bringing smile on the face of your kids when they receive mail at mailbox with their name written on it. Parents do not have enough time for their children and the story of princess and frog is too mainstream these days.

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This innovative idea will let your kids know more about the place they live and it’s surrounding. Many kids are attracted by space and its vastness. Let your kids learn from the age of 4 and develop habit of reading postcards, letters or books. The subscription is cheap and affordable and you can get cheaper deals using Spacemail Pal promo code.

You can choose one of three subscription options. In the first subscription your kids will receive one post card each month and the plan is called The Space Trainee Plan. In the second subscription your kids will receive two postcards monthly and the plan is called The Space Cadet plan. And in the last subscription plan your kids will receive four postcards per month and the plan is called The Space Explorer plan. There are schemes like Spacemail Pal discount code which gives you discounted rate for their different plan. Parents can gift these cards to their kids even if they don’t live together. The postcard will be delivered to the address of the kids. Using Spacemail Pal voucher code while buying their service will make you eligible to receive cheaper deal with them.

They provide free shipping within the US and you can receive their service with affordable rate. You can subscribe for their postcards via their website and cancel it whenever you want to discontinue. If you have Spacemail Pal promotional code you can get their service with low pricing. This is a website, which has got so much to offer to the customers, that they will love it. SO what are you waiting for. Just call vats us for more details.