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Slicky notes provides notes, cards, pads and boards. They didn’t require any glue. We can stick them easily on any hard surface using electrostatic charge. We can stick them on walls, wood, wallpaper, plastic, concrete, glass, metal, whiteboards and stainless steel. The idea and innovation doesn’t stop here. You can also write on both sides of the of the side is dry erasable. It is because we doesn’t have to use any glue or anything to stick the notes. It is 100% recyclable. One can easily remove the note and reapply it. Or you can easily slide it aver a flat surface. After you stick it, it will be on exactly where you left.

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You can get the Slicky notes in many colors. These notes are very useful in conference hall, classroom, office etc. You can write anything and stick easily on your workplace. So that it will remind you about the pending works to be done. Slicky boards are also another innovative idea. These boards can be used either for drawing pictures or for business uses.
This product is very helpful for students to make short notes and hits. The pads are available in different colours so that we feel a little bit attraction on it. It is available in different price and size range. Also it help as to make a remainder or a book mark. We can make a list on it about our daily work, it can be use in school, home ,office etc. We can write our daily work on it and after the completion of the work we can remove the paper and make a clean surface and write freshly. It is made of different sizes and colours. We can write both sides of it. If you want to know about their new product, ideas offer, thoughts and offer you have to stay in touch with them. For that subscribe their newsletter and also follow on different sites. If you want to purchase slicky notes, you have to create an account with our site by giving required personal details. Select the type ,quantity of the item and make the payment. Live chat is also available here. So that if you have any doubts or queries you can ask it to our representative. With the tracking number you can get all the updations about your order. Share you reviews and feedback.

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