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Remarkable is the least costly and high quality white board paint that you can find in the market. It offers 10 years of warranty on its products. It is easy to use and is more affordable compared to the competitors in the market. White board painting is a coating that is a formula which when applied to a wall turns it into dry erase board like surface. It is alternative to the traditional white boards that are bulky and difficult to carry. They are also more costly. The benefit of using the coating is that you can utilize your space such as wall or a desk and you can blend the dry erase surface with your environment.

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An expansive dry erase board space is also affordable with remarkable. White board paint is also known as dry erase paint, marker board paint or dry erase board paint. Now the question arises that how does the dry erase board paint work? It is actually a 2 part formula and you can paint your surface by rolling on premium grade micro fiber roller on the surface for best results. After applying the white board paint on the surface, you can allow the paint to dry for at least 48 hours. After it is completely dried, you can use the dry erase markers and begin writing on the surface as if it were traditional white board. The paint does not get stained or yellowed with time. You do not require more efforts in cleaning the board. You can wipe it one stroke and you can erase the marks very easily. Now it takes only three easy steps in replacing traditional white board that is heavy and difficult to carry. You need to choose between clear or white. You may use remarkable clear for colored surface. Or you can use remarkable white to get it like traditional white board. Then you need to plan your surface. Take the measurement of the surface or white board wall where you want to paint the white board. Once you are done with the measurement, you can order the remarkable kit online. Creativity is boosted once the product is selected for classrooms, working spaces, conference rooms and retail stores and offices. Now you can improve the teamwork and collaboration by working with remarkable dry erase paint.

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