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Kitty Poo Club provides litter box for your cat. Now there will be no odor with less cleaning. It is all in one litter box. With the help of the offer, you get 30 days of odor destroying litter box. First of all you need to select the quantity of litter box according to the number of cats. Then the box will be delivered to your doorstep. You need to stir litter daily and remove the poo. Then close and dispose the box. When new box comes throw the old one. These boxes are made of recycled cardboard and has waterproof coating. It is also approved by FDA. There is a sealed tray that holds the litter and prevents leaks. Urine is made of 95% water and mineral litter allow the water to evaporate and traps in the waste.

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You need not to worry that the cats won’t take the litter as 9 out of 10 cats use the box straightaway without causing much issues. Box don’t need to be scraped clean, washed down or refilled. You need to stir the litter and remove the poo. At the end of the month, throw away the old box and use the new one. The litter is dust free and scent free. It is made of natural silica. As it has rare irregular shape and hence it reduces the chance of tracking. It is safe for your home as it is nontoxic. They provide mats to prevent tracking and there is scoops that are made especially for the litter.

The covered boxes in the form of a dome are designed for the cats. They are available on the social networking sites such as facebook and instagram. They interact closely with the people and get their reviews on products and services. You can follow them on social media and get to know the recent updates on their products. They have privacy policy. They take name, address, contact number and email address from the customers. They do so to improve the shopping experience of the people. But they do not reveal the information to the third party websites. When a user subscribes to the newsletter or when purchases an item from the store, he shares important piece of information with the company. But they do not rent or sell the information to other companies. Even the credit card information is kept safe and secure.

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