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English4Today is an online service for learning English. You can join the course and learn English. The membership of English4Today is free. That means you do not have to give additional fee for joining the community. They provide good knowledge on grammar and vocabulary. You can learn with them and get to know many tips and techniques for English language. You can take a free English language test and assess your skills and knowledge. This way you will get to know your weakness and strengths. Then you can work upon your weaker points and improve your overall skills. You can pick up tests and quizzes, grammar topics, blogs, question and answer sections, video learning, newsletter, punctuation, reading, writing and pronunciation. All the topics are listed on the web site. You can also track your scores and get to know about the results.

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There are educations games that are designed to improve your proficiency in English. You can also subscribe to their premium services and have access to more tests and games. They also have vocabulary building tools to improve your communications skills. This forms the effective base for learning English. You can improve your reading and writing skills through constant practice. They are important for students, children and employees. You can look up for the words in their online dictionary and then add them to your personal reminders. You can also use flash cards for easier remembrance. Better writing skills are very important for academic, business and creative progress. You can take an online course and get trained in writing. They have excellent software and they can help with the grammar and syntax. With the writing course, you will have a personal tutor who will look up your writing skills and provide you tricks and techniques to improve your creative aspect. Today learning English is very important as it is the main language for communication. Whether it is workplace or school, you should know the language to stand out from others. From business meetings to examinations, knowledge in English is what you need. So Join English4Today and improve your skills in the language.

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