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Cakes have become an integral part of any celebration today. They are used for any occasion like marriage, anniversary, birthday, and much more. You can find wide variety of cakes in today’s market and some of them are so beautiful that you don’t want to eat them. These beautiful cakes are not personal though. CustomIcing however has changed the concept of personalized cakes. They produce edible photos and images for cake decorations. You can choose the photo you want to be printed on the cake to make the celebration memorable. CustomIcing will do the rest.

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It was founded by an enthusiastic lady named Michelle Bailey in Australia. It has now grown big and has more than 12,000 customers served in and around Australia. Now her cake toppings are exported to international market as well. They offer their expert service in affordable price and you can get further cheaper deal with CustomIcing promo code as well.You can upload the image you want to prepare as cake topping to their website They will prepare the cake with the edible topping of image and deliver it to you. They have licensed images from sports stocked that are available in Australia. All these services can be accessed from them with discounted rate when you use CustomIcing discount code. You can order cakes with edible images and edible wafer card for different occasions. Your cake with your selected topping will be delivered to your doorstep. One advantage of CustomIcing is that you can design your cake topping yourself. Visit their website and use the tools available there to design your cake toppings. You can purchase their products in lowered rate in different occasion using CustomIcing voucher code. They have Australia wide delivery network with professional customer service staffs.

Decorate your special day cake with some of the best memories related to the day with CustomIcing. Browse their website to find more options and offers. Order cakes with CustomIcing promotional code and get attractive discount and rates.