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Vivia formula, a Nevada based company was established with one mission to bring you the best dietary supplements, manufactured from the finest ingredients, at the most affordable rates. In today’s industrialized world and fast paced life, our body is exposed to more pollution and other bad air which we breathe, to preservatives and lack of nutrients in the food we eat, and to germs, chemicals and radiation that surround us. Due to these reasons our body may be less tolerant to illness and diseases. And thus a defense system is needed.

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We at vivia formula are proud to introduce you to the VF-360 defense system. VF-360, proudly made in the USA is a revolutionary super food, multivitamin and powerful anti-aging agent that will revitalize and defend your body. Vivia formula is enriched in over 90 high-end vital ingredients, VF-360 contains minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, amino acids, herbs, spices, algae, power –mushrooms, fruit extracts and more!

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