virzoom promo code & coupons brings you the world’s firstmind-blowing virtual reality bike which will make a big impact on the normal way of gaming. The VirZoom VR bike has handlebars fitted with 8 gaming buttons, 2 triggers for control, and 2 heart-rate monitors.It is also fitted with an adjustable 8 level tension control and seat, a Bluetooth built-in to connect to a VR headset and has high-quality of strap-in pedals. The amazing feature of this virtual reality bike is that, it can fold up in a very small bundle just over 2′ x 1, making it very portable and easy for storage.

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With this invention, gamers will be kept glued to their screens playing their addictive games they won’t even realize they are working out. This Virtual Realty bike is used in playing games like; Pegasus, Cowboy Jailbreak, Lotus Pond, Winter Stan and many more games that involve racing and riding. Setting up this VR Bike is very simple, and it only takes a few minutes. Wirelessly connect the VR bike to VR headsets via Bluetooth, adjust the seat height to your wish and you are ready to go. There are no extra accessories required!

With the amazing offer of discount code, you can purchase several of this VR Bikes as they can also be used in multi-player challenges. For multi-player challenges, each person will have to set up account on VirZOOM with own custom settings, goal & fitness tracking and sync’d music.The  VirZOOM comes with personal fitness tracker, which challenges you meet the weekly goals. With the help of the VirZOOM application, you can connect with friends, access weekly leaderboards, challenge yourself and others and track your progress over time.

The promo codewill enable you to save some money when purchasing these mind-blowing bikes and we therefore urge everyone to acquire a promo code. One amazing feature about the VR Bike is that while you are enjoying playing the game, you are also exposing your body to physical exercise. This will save you money and time you would have used in the gym. For anyone thinking of purchasing this VR Bike, it would have been a very wise decision if you acquired yourself a voucher code as it will help you save some money and also look for promotional code.