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The vik hotels group is eco-friendly and committed to the environment. The vik hotels group commitment to the environment has led this hotel chain to become more eco-friendly and to orient its entrepreneurial activities under the principles of sustainable development. With a view not only to the energy saving but also to taking advantage of the virtually inexhaustible natural sources, VIK hotels group have positioned themselves as pioneers in becoming more eco-friendly in the canary islands with the use of sustainable techniques resources within the environment of the touristic industry.

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Since 2007, the VIK hotel San Antonio has used solar cooling technology with a system of solar thermal energy, whereby the heat is used to generate cold, considered the first of its kind with such characteristics and considerable size within the Canary Islands with a surface heating capacity of 2.894m2. VIK hotels group have undertaken sustainable development and their believe in being more eco-friendly into reality.

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