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Ultimate Paleo Protein is an efficient and unique protein powder which provides immunity support and fast recovery for active people and athletes. Comparing to other protein powders, this one contains a new protein source called HydroBEEF. This HydroBEEF is a protein which is produced from the infusion process of beef that contains the nutrients like vitamins, minerals, nucleotide fractions, peptides and amino acids. And also the protein has above 100 nitrogen score and are completely free from additives and hormones.

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Along with these when it is joined with L-glutamine, digestive boost from pro biotics and fat burning qualities of MCT powder, it becomes a complete product. It is non-GMO, natural, grass fed, paleo friendly, egg free, soy free, dairy free and gluten free. It is also 100% hypoallergenic. Beef are obtained from swedenand they are raised on pasture. They are free of allergens, antibiotics and hormones.

By the infusion process of the beef preserves lot of proteins like nutrients, amino acids, peptides, minerals, nucleotide fractions, vitamins etc. They produce higher nitrogen score proteins. Which is completely free of hormones, additives and hypoallergenic. The main advantage of this product is help to reach your health and fitness goals. You can follow us on different social Medias for the latest updations and notification. The product we obtained is after a unique manufacturing process at high temperature combined with pressure. They assure that the beef use is hormone free and antibiotic free. The protein powder has very delicious taste and there is nothing to feel like as of beef. Every should have a complete diet in this life, this protein powder help us to keep a diet in our life. If you need any assistance feel free to call our customer care support team are always available. If you want to purchase an item you have to do is just login to an account and do the necessary. You can use card or net banking. The return facility is available with in a limited period.

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