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Power outages are one of the things in life we never see coming. When they happen, it doesn’t mean we have to stay in the dark though. With their innovative technology, LyfeLite automatically ensures that you go on using your lights as if the power was still on.
LyfeLite are emergency LED light bulbs with in-built back up battery systems that ensure they keep on working for periods of up to 8 hours without power. Resembling and working as common light bulbs do, these are anything but ordinary.

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4 pack at $29.95

Shoplyfelite offers rechargeable LED Light bulb 4-5 hour emergency lighting 450 lumens under the pack of 4 at $29.95.Power outage can affect our lives and only way to provide undisrupted lighting is through lyflite bulbs.So why to wait? Hurry and grab the deal.

Get Emergency Bulbs and 4Pack, and 450 Lumens, with Soft White at $29.95

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Get LyfeLite Power Cap just in $1.95

With this coupon code you will get LyfeLite Power Cap just in $1.95 and this is the best offer that you will look on the website. For more offers and coupon codes you will have to visit the store regularly. As some deals are for limited time only so you have to grab it soon

Get LyfeLite Emergency LED Bulbs starting from $32.95

Do you want to save some money then you have come at the right place. As with this offer you will get LyfeLite Emergency LED Bulbs starting from $32.95. So this is the best that you will come across, so visit the store right now and you will find out some amazing deals

Their advanced design allows you to use your light switches with them as if power was still on and even unscrew and carry them around. There’s even a hook from which you can hang the bulb strategically after unscrewing it. All these come at really affordable prices, made even more do with the use of LyfeLite promotional code.

As with all innovative ideas, more producers come along with their own similar products. Numerous competitors have come into the market since the launch product’s launch. Their quality, durability, multiple options and reliability ensure that they remain at the top, with offers and LyfeLite discount code creating a solid customer base too.

All their products can be viewed from their official website on From here, they can shop from the various options in stock and even get to track their orders. For shoppers with a LyfeLite voucher code, discounts and other listed offers can be offered on all the products they offer at checkout. These LyfeLite promo code can be found on coupon sharing sites online or embedded in emails sent to their subscribers.

So if you live in an area with frequent blackouts or you’re just worries about them, then   LyfeLite is the perfect solution for you. There are many more amazing products that you can look at on their website