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People who are smoking regularly is difficult to get a complete quit in their habit. But there can be stopped gradually by certain manual or workbook combined email and phone support. The program itself has three segments and is part structured, part self – paced. Let ‘see how it works, usually in first segment the program begins including the ‘myth busting’ section that will help you understand why previous attempts failed, motivate you towards success, and orient you to basic approach. The segment is self- paced, and most people are able to complete it within one day or two days.

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The second segment is the 15 days step by step process leading you to quit day. you will be having a roadmap presenting you the exactly what to do at your arriving day that is your first free smoke free day happy and excited to become an ex- smoker. And at during the 15 days you will gradually and painlessly reduce your nicotine intake using tapering and switching strategy, and you will begin to eliminate the psychological connections between smoking and your everyday life.

At the end of this time you are ready both physically and psychologically, to smoke you last cigarette.  The third segment is the after you quit is the state this state is final program which is the self-paced, so you can go as quickly or slowly as you like. In this segment you will focus strategies to guarantee you long term success. This include exercises to deal with any remaining psychological issues around smoking, as well as a focus on creating the life you want in your life, recreating your self-image as a non-smoker, and building into your life new and better ways for dealing with old problems like stress, anxiety and boredom.

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