PINGO discount code

In the past two decades, the world has continued to consistently grow smaller communication-wise. Physical distance between two people is barely of any consequence when they try to get in touch with each other. But as it is, with the easy access to international calls come an enormous hike in the prices of cross-country calls, even more so with intercontinental call prices. Many people don’t just communicate over great distances for the pleasure of it, but also for business, important enquiries and a lot more other reasons. For this reason a great number of callers go in search of cheaper alternatives to ease the financial burden of those calls.

5 PINGOcoupons and PINGO promotional code for May 2022

Get Up To 90% Off International Mobile With Pingo App

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Save 20% Off Minimum $5 Recharge

PINGO has made long-distance communication easy and cheap. They offer international and domestic calling card service that provides top notch services at reasonable rates. With this PINGO coupon code you can save 20% off on minimum $5 recharge.

100% off monthly plan fee for premium

If you are looking to save some money then this deal is for you as you will get 100% of monthly plan fee for the premium. Coupon sites supply coupons code and links that are up-to-date and categorize the codes according to brands or retailers and start saving money .

Get 25% off for every referral

This is the best coupon that you will ever get on the website. With this deal you will get 25% off on each referral that you will get on the site. We would advise you to try different automated tools before settling on the best that suits your needs and options.

Get 50% sign-up bonus

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Suffice it to say those alternatives are not so easy to find, leaving most people frustrated with their search. Alas, this search need no longer be a frustrating endeavor for anyone, because with Pingo discount code made available across all available packages, a call made to any country around the world comes with a phenomenal discount rate, among the most competitive in the world.

A lot of prepaid international call services come with a catch buried deep in mountains of fine print to mislead prospective users, but with Pingo promotional code spread visibly across the pages of the site, you can rest easy, assured that there are no hidden charges of any kind. This also comes with an ongoing promo for first time users where a 50% sign-up bonus is made available for all newcomers.

On their website- there is no need to go looking for a Pingo voucher code as everything has been streamlined for optimum user experience. One only needs to sign up, dial any number from the over 30 countries supported by Pingo and get to talking. Also, in the event you are unable to use up your monthly minutes, you are allowed to roll over your balance into the next month. There is also no need for a Pingo promo code either as all offers are made available for to all users to choose from.