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By using our OVPN software, you can avoid hackers or all the authorities who knows what we are doing on the internet. With OVPN you can browse quickly, safely, securely and anonymously. We guarantee you a log free VPN service. Over 99317 peoples registered. Some features of OVPN are it prevents DNS leaks, optimizes the connection problems, easy and quick installations and also it killswitch to counter traffic leaks. OVPN uses the strongest encryption inorder to secure your browsing and also ensures that your traffic is safe.

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All the hardwares are owned by us and they are locked in insulated racks so that only the authorized people can have access to it. It runs without any permanent media, that means there is no USB , no hard drive and no CD reader. You can select for 1 month or 6 month or 12 month plan. We are registered over 13 countries with more than 83 servers. We doesn’t have server in every countries due to security requirements. We prioritize safety and quality over marketing and quantity.

We do not want to put either there is a limitation in speed or traffic usage. Our websites datacentres connected with an uplink of minimum speed 1 Gbit/s. we cover legal for the insurance. That’s way the customer can take the security of the product. If any third part asking for the information of our customers, we are ready to go to the court. We have 78 servers in 14 countries registered users. Such as Australia, France, Singapore, Sweden, Finland, Denmark etc. Our customer care support team will be very glad to serve you. Through FAQ the customer can ask doubts. These doubts will get to our executive, our executive will clear the doubts of the consumers. You will get an instant answer for your doubts. With the latest software technology, the strongest encryption for assuring the traffic of internet. You can ensure about your anonymity. Which means kills switch to prevent data leaks, quick simple installation is used, it optimise your connectivity etc.

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