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Nested Bean is an online store for sleepwear for children. There are swaddles, sleeping bags and PJs for infants. They are designed in a way such that they are lighter in weight and makes the sleep easier. The touch triggers the cuddle effect. A Parent’s touch soothes the babies and help them sleep. Zen sleepwear mimics your embrace. They have light weight pads that puts pressure when you touch. Your baby sleeps faster in 1-3 nights. They sleep faster and rest peacefully. The sleepwear assures better and healthier sleep for babies. They are carefully designed under the guidance of paediatric pulmonologists and the pressure pads are safe for babies for at least 7 lbs. They may feel light as your palm.

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The product is a choice of professionals and sleep consultants. They are trusted by the paediatric hospitals and NICUs. They provide good sleep for babies. These products are tested by experts and provide breathability to the babies. They are also toxin free and match the safety standards 8 times. According to the medical experts rocking, swaddling and lullabies soothe the baby to sleep. It is vital to the well-being of babies. According to the scientific research, gentle pressure on the places hold a cuddle effect to the babies. They give longer and sweater sleep to the babies. The fabric of the cloth is good and classic line can be used throughout a year. It is lightweight and breathable. Premier line is perfect for warmer climate. It is mixture of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. The fabric has two layers of cotton and has poly-fibre filling in between them. Zen sack and Zen PJs are designed in such a way that babies can easily roll during the sleep. The weight of the fabric is light and flexible. For tummy sleepers it is ideal for use as the babies can easily roll when worn backwards. Pressure applied by the clothes is 10% of the body weight covered by them. The pressure is as light as the palm that sooths the baby and puts it to sleep.

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