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The history of MoneyGram is dated back to 1940 when Travelers Express Co. became the biggest processors of money order and important player in electronic payments. They has ties with the soap maker The Dial Corp. and bus company Greyhound Corp. In 1998, Viad Corp bought Denver based MoneyGram Payment Systems Inc. which is an international money transfer company. It was a part of the company that also had Western Union. MoneyGram Payments Systems Inc. and Travelers Express was merged to form MonetGram.

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The company became internationally recognized and well trusted brand. In June 30, 2004, the company sold MoneyGram and it became an individual entity which was publicly traded.The company provides service at around 350,000 agent locations in around 200 countries. They procure almost 20 percent of the money from kiosks,ATMs, account deposit, mobile and online channels. They understand the fact that self-service investments are based on customer experience which results in overall success. MoneyGram is the second largest money transfer company in the world.

The company is guided by diverse group of men and women who are the most respected leaders in the market. They provide inventive and customer based solutions that gives more sustainability in the industry. They have almost 2,700 people working as employees and thousands of agents. MoneyGram offers consumer products and business solutions. The company has ability to impact many lives in a single day. They have customer oriented approach. They provide the people with more reliable and affordable ways to transfer money to friends and closed ones. They connect with the consumers at a kiosk, mobile device or any of 350,000 locations.

The company is trusted by businesses, agents and financial institutions. It is an international provider of payment services and money transfer. The main aim of the company is to help people connect with the family, friends and dear ones through a trustworthy financial connection. There are around 2 billion people across the world who have no access to the bank and depend on such services for financial needs. They help them by providing a reliable and trustworthy solution. The company is built on convenience, innovation, reliability and trust. There are more than tens of millions of people that depend on their services to transfer money.

The company has invested on millions of dollars so that they can provide a quality service with top level security.
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