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Hot Cherry Pillows is a business owned by a woman. It employs American workers and uses sustainable materials to make pillows. They provide pillows so that people feel better. All the pillows are sewn in a family shop in Southern California. They heal the conscience and the body as they are very soft and comfortable. Michigan tart cherry industry produces a by-product cherry pits and they are cleaned and dried so that can be used further. They do not use any kind of chemicals. The denim acquires red colour from natural dye that is made from tree bark of Hawaiin macadamia. Similarly blue colour is generated by indigo dye. Also they use soy ink for printing and most of the products that they use for packaging are from recycled sources.

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The pillows that are used for demonstration in sales is washed and donated to charity organisations such as hospice care facilities in order to comfort the patients. If you are having a tummy ache or a stiff neck nothing is as good as Hot Cherry pillow. You can also subscribe to the newsletter and get to know about the latest notifications and offers. For this you need to provide an email address. They will send alerts on the upcoming promotions and sales. You can take advantage of the offer and save money while making a purchase. They also have privacy policy. They take name, contact number, address and email id from the customers. They do so to improve the customer experience while shopping. But they do not reveal the information to other people on any condition. They do not disclose the details to companies at any cost. Even the credit card or debit card details a customer uses while making a payment is kept safe and secure. They do not sell or rent the information to the third party websites. They use encryption to make the details safer. You can visit the website and share your details without worrying about the privacy.

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