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We hey glow up team aims in providing a bright smile to everyone. Every girls dream is to have a bright smile and white teeth like Hollywood stars. Here comes the solution to your problem. By using our product ne can easily get a bright smile like no one else has. We give 100% guaranteed smile for you. Smile is a key to success. Because of your smile you make life makes so beautiful. So share your smile with the world. So inorder to share your beautiful smile here we introduce a product for whitening teeth.

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Our product is a highly effective teeth whitener. We ensure giving up to 8 shades in just 16 treatments. We use only natural ingredients like pomegranate extracts, aloevera gel, chamomile flower extract and menthol mint. It is useful for those who suffer from tooth pain, discolouration or any other problem. This package contains personalised whitening gel, whitening light and an adapter for android and iphones. Inorder to use our product you have to follow certain steps. First step is to brush your teeth properly. After that you have to apply whitening gel onto the whitening light. Next plug light in to your phones charging port. Place the light in your mouth and on the button. The light will automatically turns off after 16 minutes. When the light gets off it means your treatment is over. Rinse the gel from the whitening light and wash your mouth with warm water. You can watch the changes in the very first use itself. Continue it for 16 days and you will get a heavenly smile we promise!!!! You can follow us on instagram on @HEYGLOWUP. After using the product feel free to write us the review. We are at your concern, you can either comment as negatively or positively. If you comment negatively then we will quickly make required changes. You can also contact us for queries. We are happy with our satisfied customers. You can read our reviews and decide whether to make an order. It’s very effective product and painless. When you start using this product you will definitely say bye to dentists. We assure you that there will not be any side effects and you will get a perfect teeth.You can sign up to our newsletter, so that we can send notification regarding the offers and   Heyglowup.com discounts. We also provide discounts vouchers and promo codes for our product. You can use these Heyglowup.com code at the checkout or you can save the discount cars for the future purchase.