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Faucet Face is the website where you can shop for glass, stainless steel, accessories and gift cards. Plastic bottles have shown to leach chemicals and also they fill up the landfills. Even the transportation of the bottles lead to the production of CO2. You can replace the plastic bottles with the glass bottles which has BPA filled and ensure that everything taste better in a glass. They are also reusable. You will save money over bottled water. The bottle does not leach any chemicals and do not cause any ailments. You can go ahead and promote tap water. It also helps people without tap water.

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Faucet Face is a user friendly web site. You can browse through various products and shop at low and discounted price. It is known that the bottled water companies have spent millions of dollars on their products. They have posted ads with snow fed rivers, pristine mountainscapes and others. People have also tried and tasted the product seeing the ad. But little do they know about the harmful effects on the environment. It is also not good for their health in the longer run. So why to take a risk.

Let us move to a sustainable lifestyle. Avoid using plastic bottles and stop promoting them. Use glass bottles instead. They can be reused and recycled. They do not cause any damage to the environment. We know the fact that there are 2.5 million plastic bottles produced every hour. The bottles that do not reach the landfill start accumulating in the drain which lead to the ocean. These bottles impact the wildlife later. In North Pacific, albatross come in search of food and get their lives in danger with the plastic bottles. These bottles also leach harmful chemicals that causes hormonal misbalance. Faucet Face works towards bringing back the tap water dignity.

You should not be embarrassed to use these glass bottles. You should work to improve the environment. You can help to eliminate the plastic bottle waste by switching to the glass bottles. You can subscribe to the newsletter by providing the email. They will notifications on the latest offers and discounts in your mailbox.

There are many Faucet Face coupons and offers available with the products. You can use the coupon code and apply it at the time of checkout. Our web site contains the information on the ongoing offers and promos. You can use the information and make huge benefits.