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Egg Whites International sells 100% pure liquid egg white protein. It is the purest form of protein which is effective in losing weight or building muscle. It is tasteless and filtered to be as smooth as milk. They mix with any flavour. You can put it in chocolate milk for kids and iced coffee for adults. The protein can be added in shakes, smoothies and favourite juices. An egg consists of two parts that is yolk and egg white. They separate the yolk from egg and preserve the egg white in liquid form. There are no preservatives, artificial flavours, additives and food colourings.

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Egg Whites International is very popular among the customers. They try to make the customers happy by selling the right product. Their main priority is the satisfaction of the customers. They understand their needs and try to offer a price that is unmatched across the market. These days everyone is making efforts to cut down the excess weight and build muscles. Doing an exercise or getting a balanced diet is not enough. You need to include protein in the diet. Protein tend to break down the carbohydrates very easily.

Getting the purest form of protein is not very easy. Eggs are very rich in protein. You can consumes the egg white or switch to liquid egg whites from Egg White International. Similarly those who are working at gym also need to consume protein in their diet. Having eggs daily can be very monotonous. Rather include egg white in your drinks such as chocolate milk, smoothies and shakes and get the required amount of protein daily. Also you need not to worry about the harmful chemicals. They are gluten free, tasteless, USDA inspected, Kosher certified, lactose free and odourless.

The cooking makes the protein less effective by 12%. It loses the essential components and hence lose its value. Without cooking the egg protein will have 12% more protein. 8 oz’s will provide 2g of carbs, 26 g of protein, 120 calories with no fat and cholesterol. They are 100% bio-available which means all the precious aminos are consumable and usable compared to other diet supplements that have 70% of artificial protein supplements. They also offer 100% customer satisfaction.

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