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Easy photo class provide photography classes through workshops, worksheets and cards and photography blogs. You can improve your knowledge about digital camera settings. You can also understand on how to set the shutter speeds, lens openings, take photos in low light and ISO to stop action and blur background. There are photography worksheets available that teaches on how to test ISO image noise on digital camera. There are many articles that teaches many different aspects about photography. You can get useful tips to take photos on phone and digital camera. You can understand the difference between technical and creative aspects of the photography.

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A photo may be technically correct but would lack the interest due to the absence of creativity.Hence, they teach about ISO, lens opening and shutter speed and how they work together. You can go beyond the Auto setting and use shutter priority, aperture priority and manual shooting modes. They teach all of these in a way that is easy to understand and use. In our photography workshop you will learn the secrets of exposure in a new way that is easy to understand. To go beyond auto, you should learn how to set shutter speeds, lens opening and ISO settings on your digital camera. The standard way of teaching exposure and how to use your digital cameras in more advanced shooting modes can be confusing. You spend most of your time calculating the camera settings and can miss some great shots. They have come up with a new way to teach exposure that is quick and easy to learn. This way of teaching exposure combines the old technique used with the film cameras together with the advantages of digital camera that makes the exposure easy to understand and use. You will learn how to stop action in the first twenty min of workshop. Different types of action require different shutter speeds. After you get the shutter speed you need to stop the action. You can spend time concentrating your subject in front of camera and capturing the moment. They also show how to avoid blurring of images from camera motion. In the workshop they show how to change lens openings settings to help blur the background behind the subject. They also show how to sharpen the background behind the image. They also show settings to take photograph in low light. They will teach you about ISO, lens opening and shutter speed settings. They show it visually so that it is easy to understand. You get learning assignments through the workshop. You can also download the photography worksheets and cards. There is a blog on the photography as well. So you can master the skill of photography through this workshop.

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