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Chickenpicks guitar picks were created by Eppo Franken in 1984. The company offers stiff guitar picks that gives thicker and louder tone with less effort. You can implement great variety of styles by adjusting your attack without losing your grip. If you want each note to sound defined and huge chickenpicks offer you a great option. You can give best performance with better tone. It does not matter whether you play jazz, pop, country music, heavy metal or blues with the help of Chickenpicks you can play easier and faster. The control, speed and sound becomes better with it. You do not have to grip the picks firmly as they are easy to hold and have unique texture and thickness.

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Get up to 20% off on all leads from chickenpicks.

Get enough widely lauded sizzling guitar picks only at your favourite store Chickenpicks, hurry up that you don’t miss the chance to win an exciting offer right at the store, it does not matter whether you are into jazz, music or country pop whatever your forte is you can give your best shot with the maximum access to all ranges available at the store.

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They cause less slippage and you don’t have hand fatigue. There are also less changes of string breakage. So you can rely on them and maintain your focus on speed and precision of playing. It is made of hard plastic which is very rigid and does not bend at all. So you can control your sound without any worries. As compared to a traditional pick they cause less stress on hands and thus reducing the fatigue. You get more control over the pick and sound fuller. They are made of unique material and is long lasting and durable. They have a sloping edge that moves smoothly on and off the strings. It takes a small effort to adjust with these picks and is easier to play. They are made of thermosetting plastic which is usually harder than the normal plastic. This makes the product more durable and reliable. You can play for years uninterrupted and unhibited. You can use any side of the pick making it multifunctional. There is Tritone III series available which has 3 useable tips that gives separate tones. These tips smoothens themselves with the guitar even after breaking. More mass means deeper tone.  You can produce more volume and more depths and mids even when you are playing near to the bridge. Unlike the conventional picks that create annoying and thin overtones, these picks produce clearer and brighter tones. You can even play very difficult pinch harmonics with these bevelled picks as they are adaptive in nature. The picks are very durable as they can last more than one year. They have textured surface and hence won’t slip even when you sweat.

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