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Boostlash company is basically a manufacturer of eyelash growth serum. Our company has proven excellence in terms of the quality of products we produce. We own a unique manufacturing company in US. So that we are now able to spread our influence to various international markets. We have thousands and thousands of satisfied customers in our pocket. In order to use this eyelash growth serum, first remove eye makeup if any with a makeup. remover and ensure the skin is dry. Then apply this serum on both upper and lower eyelids before applying makeup and before bedtime. You can see the changes in few days. It contains vitamin E contents that helps in repairing and growing hair.

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Boostlash uses Vitis Vinifera, a grape stem cell extract. It contains epigenetic factors and metabolites that protect human’s skin cell against harmful UV radiation. It ensures healthy cells and long lasting effects. It also contains pentapeptide-17 to increase the proliferation of lashes. It also influences the keratin genes which moderate the length of lashes. It also contains Panthenol B5 which is used in most of the cosmetic products that helps your body to convert carbs into energy. It also produces protein rich tissues such as collagen.

These serums are very useful for the peoples in china, Nagaland, Meghalaya region peoples. Because they have very tiny eyelashes. By using this product, you can see the result in just few days. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. You can apply it twice to get more results. So many fake eyelashes are available in stores nowadays. These type of eyelashes will not last for long. But when you start using this product, you don’t want to use these type of fake eyelashes anymore. Application procedure is very simple and it comes up in a handy bottle. So that you can use it anytime. It is better to use it at bed time. So that you don’t have to move your eyelids. After seeing good result, you can share it with your friends too.

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