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Biogetica was founded with the intention of bringing all medicine systems into one place. This is why the biogetica makes so unique and effective. We were well aware of the limitations of each individual system and the dilemma a person faces when five different traditions present them with five different opinions that cannot be synthesized into one protocol. Biogetica was thus born as a place for doctors to collaborate beyond the limitations of modalities and training. While the doctors working together we have seen the medicine system has a unique way of looking at life.

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The western allopathic medicine system is primarily concerned with molecules; Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine systems primarily concerned with the interplay of five elements and their energies within the body and whereas the homeopathy is dealing with presenting the body with the appropriate information for it to react too. Using these medicinal systems together ultimately results in bringing balance across the matter, energy and in formation matrix of life and consciousness.

Biogetica therefore prefers to sell products as kits. Each kit contains a nutracuetical, herbal and resonance homeopathic or bio-energetic element. The nutraceuticals serve as raw materials for the body to produce what is meant to. The natural herbs balance the five elements and their associated energies within the body and the resonance homeopathies serve as an information reminder for the body to adapt to an optimal process that nature already knows.          

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