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Azi Monjezi is an online store that offers handmade jewelry to the customers. You can stop by the store and have a look at the tremendous collection of jewelry. There are a variety of selections available. You can purchase statement earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. It will add to your fashion statement. If you have to attend a special occasion or you have to wear to office, you can choose the kind of jewelry you are looking for. Jewelry adds to the beauty of woman. It makes her feel more complete. Wearing a small piece of studs also add charisma to her personality. Here you have ample of choices available. You can pick up the product and proceed to checkout within few minutes. Unlike other stores, there is no hassle for entire process.

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Get 20% discount on your store wide orders

Purchase the best handmade jewels at a very affordable rate with superior quality guaranteed. With this deal when you purchase for $50 or above you can enjoy saving a 20% reduction on your next purchase. So why to wait enjoy the benefits of this deal now and have a happy shopping.

For handmade curated variant designed fashionable ornaments log intoAzi Monjezi; Redeem 10% off this festive season.

Aiming of making it big through charity and running not so cool orphanages in terms of goodwill . At Azi Monjezi each individual item is catered with curated pieces that shall tend to the needs of the fashion conscious young women aspirants. You can use the savings for next use or future purchase. Saving money is equivalent to earning. One can make money by making huge discounts at the store. The key thing to be noted is many products displayed at the store are very rare unique collections, plated with 18 k gold and is made with AAA Austrian crystals. The unique craft and admirable creativity is what makes it stand out the trials and tribulations of the industry.

: For handmade curated variant designed fashionable ornaments log into Azi Monjezi; Redeem 10% off this festive season.

: For handmade curated variant designed fashionable ornaments log into Azi Monjezi; Redeem 10% off this festive season.

Redeem 10% off on the store. Shop and save right now!!

Azi Monjezi is one of the best online store that provides handmade jewelry to the customers. Everyone can place your order without the fear of high payings. The unique quality of the store is that, it provides best quality products in a low and affordable price segments.

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You can now get adorable jewellery collections from Azi Monjezi. They offer Azi Monjezi rings from just $85. This is really a rare offer on website. So don’t wait. Grab it now itself. Hurry!

Get Azi Monjezi Bracelets From $75

If you claim this offer, there is a chance to get so much benefits. Now you can avail Azi Monjezi bracelets from $75. You can save money and use it for next purchase from our online store. Hurry! The offer will come to an end. So why to wait when you can get this deal now.

Get 15% OFF For All Products

With our purchase, you will get 15% off on all the products. This is a decent deal to save our money through a purchase. use the suitable coupon code at the time of the checkout procedure and get the benefits of the offer. So snatch the deal before it ends.

Get Free International Shipping

With the help of this offer, you get free international shipping. No matter where you are located they will deliver the products to you at your doorstep.

Avail 15% Off With Free Shipping

Now you can save 15% off at the store along with free shipping. You don’t have to pay additional fee for the delivery.

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Using this offer in hand, you get 25% off discount code for Azi Monjezi Jewelry. For this, you will have sign up with the newsletter. You get free shipping as well.

The founder of the company Azi Monjezi is a Canadian- Iranian citizen who works as an entrepreneur and improves the lives of other people. He is an immigrant who shifted to Canada in search of a better life. He aims of making charities and building orphanages for the people so that they can make their hopes and aspirations come true. Azi Monjezi is the owner of Allure Couture Jewelry in US from 2010. Azi Monjezi Jwewlry is handmade with unique craft and admirable creativity. The brand has expanded its horizon to 7 countries and continues to be popular among the people. In the year 2018, they re-launched the company with more success in US and Canada. Each individual item is plated with 18k gold and is made with AAA Austrian crystal. If you are a fashion lover then definitely you will go for it. You can wear with casual dresses and make your day. Many products that are shown up at the store are very rare. They get sold soon. So you need to be quick in picking up the jewelry before it is sold out to somebody else. You may not see it again. For payment you can choose a suitable option such as paypal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

There are many Azi Monjezi Coupons and Offers available at the store. You can make use of such offers and save money while making a purchase. You can use the savings for future use or next purchase. Saving money is equivalent to earning it. You can earn money by making huge discounts at the store. For more information, please visit the store online.

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