Beyond Hosting Promo code

Want to host website but do not want to pay the full price? No matter whether you’re looking for the Beyond Hosting promo code for shared (most popular), Dedicated and VPS hosting plans, then we’ve ventured across the internet to find latest Beyond Hosting discount code that will help you to save money. The Beyond Hosting is a company that not just offers various kind of hosting, but as well give other services that are necessary for all kinds of the websites. Suppose you’re searching for the real source for web site hosting of various kinds then the Company is suggested to you. For a lot of reasons, you may choose the company as a provider. Here we’ve tried to highlight various services given by the company.

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Some of the website owners want to use shared servers for hosting of the websites as well as some owners want to use the separate servers for hosting of the sites. Suppose you need separate and dedicated server you can then buy those from Company. The server with the minimum 4GB and maximum 128GB memory is purchased from the company. By selecting the right Dedicated Server of the company, you can get the minimum two to maximum sixteen cores for processors. The SSD type of storages have actually made the servers powerful. Lowest plan for the server is DVS 4 GB plan that includes 4 GB memory, 100 GB storage as well as 20TB bandwidths. Price of the plan is over $104.99 per month as per 20 September for 2014. Some plans of Managed Cloud Servers of the Beyond Hosting firm are very attractive. Beyond Hosting coupon code is mentioned earlier, thus ensure that you have promotion with same.

In short, main difference between dedicated servers & virtual private servers is VPS servers is managed with selected operating systems while dedicated servers can’t get managed in this way. Lots of people like to manage servers with help of Windows operating system & many loves Linux.